Titila Primary School Waldena, Kenya

Titila Primary School is a public primary school in Waldena. This school is run by community. It is a day school. This educational institution is a ordinary and mixed type of institution.The pupil to classroom ratio in this school is 25.6:1 and the pupil to toilet ratio is 102.5:1. There are total 8 classrooms, 1 boys toilet, 1 girls toilet and 1 teachers toilet. The total numbers of students enrolls in this school are 205. PTA (Parent Teachers Association) BOG (Board of Governors) male and female number is 1 and 1 respectively. There are 1 non-teaching staff males and 2 female non-teaching staff in Titila Primary School, Waldena.

School Information
School NameTitila Primary School
CategoryOrdinary, Mixed, Day Only
Titila Primary School Waldena Galore Image

School Location Details

Titila Primary School is located in Coast province, Tana River district, Galore divison, Waldena location and Galole Constituency. The geographical location map coordinates for this school is -1.534817 (Latitude), 39.206081 (Longitude).

Waldena Titila Primary School Location MAP on Google
School Location Details
DistrictTana River
Coordinates-1.534817, 39.206081

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